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07.01.2020 13:07

The standard set of emoticons for Facebook

To use standard emoticons, there is no need to install additional applications, extensions or software. Just find the button at the end of the line, which looks like a smiling smiley, and click on it.

After that, all the emoticons available on the social network, divided into groups, will open. At the beginning of the pop-up window are those emojis that the user selected previously. This makes it easy to find your favorite pictures of emotions. Each of the pictures has its own meaning. In order not to get into an awkward situation, it is better to first look at what this or that smile means. With the help of emoji you can portray fun, surprise, anger, embarrassment, sadness. It will be possible to expand the list of Facebook features if you figure out how to insert large emoticons. They can be used for correspondence in the messenger. Only standard emoticons will be displayed in comments and status. In addition to size, in appearance, the giants are no different from the usual emoticons.


Additional emoticons

Facebook has the ability to insert additional characters that are not in the list of standard smiles. You can do this if you copy special picture codes. The symbol will turn into an image after it is sent to the interlocutor.

First you need to figure out how to use each icon: to copy the desired character, you need to select it and press the key combination Ctrl + C. They can also be copied if, after selecting, call up the context menu by clicking on the right mouse button and select “Copy”. It will be possible to insert pictures in the message field if you right-click on it or enter the combination Ctrl + V.

What is the difference between emoji and stickers?

Stickers, unlike standard emoji, are full-fledged pictures that can be sent in private messages or in general comments. Stickers must be used independently; they cannot be combined with other text. If you want to attach a picture, you must place it in the window intended for sending messages, press Enter, and then enter the necessary text. But you can do the opposite: first write a message, and then send the sticker.

They can be found in the “Stickers” tab. Users have the opportunity to send messages with publicly available stickers or download from the store a set of other stickers they like. Many of the stickers are free, but there are privileged pictures. To get access to them, you must pay.

Many companies are developing sticker lines to make their brand recognizable. Users can download them from the store for free. Read more buy facebook emojis.

Secret Facebook emoticons

Active users of social networks can surprise their friends if they send special emoticons that are not available to most people. To insert emoji art, the code of the picture assigned to the emotion does not need to be entered. There are special sites from which they can be copied.

But this is not the most convenient way. It is much easier to install a special extension for the browser, for example, Secret Emoticons for Facebook. After installing it, you should restart Facebook. Once all the steps have been completed, the user will be able to send secret emoticons.


How to add Facebook badges

Those who are actively chatting on social networks and creating groups will be interested in learning how to add icons. You do not have to search for special character codes. Group administrators can both enable or disable the icon for a group.

To change this parameter, the person responsible for maintaining the group needs to go to the “Groups” section and select his own from the list. After that, you need to click the button with the image "... More" and select the group settings editing mode.

After finding the “Icons” section, you need to click “Manage Icons” and select the appropriate picture. After that, save the changes.


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